Pikler Triangle
Pikler Triangle
Pikler Triangle
Pikler Triangle
Modifiable Pikler Triangle
Pikler Triangle
Modifiable Pikler Triangle
Modifiable Pikler Triangle
Modifiable Pikler Triangle
Pikler triangle rods slide
Pikler Trinagle Blocks Slide
Pikler Triangle
Pikler Triangle
Pikler Triangle
Pikler Triangle
Pikler Triangle
Pikler Triangle

Modifiable Pikler triangle – open ended toy

  • Modifiale Pikler triangle consists of 4 wooden sides, each is 60*80 cm with security pins, You can buy the Pikler triangle with one of this Choices:
    1. Wooden Pikler triangle only without the slide.
    2. Colored Wooden Pikler triangle without the slide.
    3. You can add Wooden slide with two sides one for sliding and the other for climbing (regular wooden rods)
    4. You can add Wooden slide with two sides one for sliding and the other for climbing (Wooden Blocks colored or wood color)

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What is Pikler Triangle?

  • Modifiable Pikler triangle  is a sturdy indoor/outdoor climbing structure. It encourages little ones (ages 6 months to 6 years) to practice gross motor development skills and physical challenges at their own pace. Babies begin by pulling up on the rungs as they learn to stand and can slowly teach themselves to climb up and over.
  • The idea behind the Pikler is empowering children to safely explore what their body is capable of independently of their parents. It also encouraging curiosity and self-confidence in their own physical abilities!
  • The Pikler Triangle is associated with the Montessori method for learning. However, it is based on observations of Dr. Pikler, who believed in respectful child rearing, free movement and independent learning through play.

Why to buy?

  • Our Modifiable Pikler Triangle is a good investment in your child’s life. The first 6 years are the most Important years in any child’s life and this toy will stay with him/her for all these years starting from his born.
  • Multiuse along growth stages:
    • If you have a newborn baby, he would use it as a baby gym.
    • If he started to sit, he would use it as a toy hanger.
    • If he started to crawl, make him a path with it.
    • If he started to stand, he will use it to encourage standing, walking, climbing and more.
    • If he is older, make a new Idea and challenge every day and let his imagination go wild. Build obstacles to overcome, a tent to read and enjoy quality time, camping house outside or inside, or make a theater to show a play. Let you child decide and imagine having fun.
  • A lot of extensions to wider its usage:
    • Adding slide to make it more encouraging and fun, slides also another way to make different ways to climb or slide, create a path to walk or crawl on it, or even make a disk to sit and playing activities or study. You can add a slide from options here above or add extra slides from here:
    • Add a a rocker to make it bigger and change shapes of your structure (bigger tent, taller office with an umbrella, or to put different pieces to climb and run)
    • A wall Hook to make a wall climber to make new challenge
    • And last but not least, you can buy each separately, you don’t need to buy all at once.
  • Encourage Imagination: We couldn’t believe how they come up with endless ideas every day.
  • It’s multiple toys in one: You don’t buy only Pikler, you buy other toys in one (Pikler, tent, house, theater, climbing bars and more)
  • Easy to use, assemble and store:
    • You want to make a new structure, easy no tools required
    • You need to store it for now, easy no big place needed
    • You need to store a part and use another, easy no tools, efforts or big place needed for that.
  • Easy to travel with:
    • Just need some space in your car’s trunk
    • Travelling worldwide, no problem, just pack it as an extra piece at the plane
  • A great gift for a beloved one to stay with him/her for a long time
    • Many choose this beautiful toy as a gift because they really knew how much it’s useful for the kids and will make them happy and healthy.

How to use:

  • Modifiable Pikler triangle can be modified to use in different acting or baby play
  • You Can use 2 sides, 3 sides or 4 sides as you like to make sure it’s suitable for your child’s age and needs.
  • You can also change the shape or angle to make the structure you like such as (tent, house, climbing bars, theater, baby gym, office and more…)
  • Need any help! contact us anytime.


  • wooden slide size 120*50 cm
  • Packing Size for Pikler: 30*82*62 cm
  • Packing Size for Slide: 50*115*8 cm
  • Total Weight: 17 KG approx.
  • international package shipped y DHL is different, sides disassembled, same weight and with different size.
  • the package doesn’t include carton box packing only bubbles.
  • please watch the video here starting from 1:19,  and ask for package pictures if needed
  • All photos on site and YouTube channel from real events or from our clients
Pikler Color

Wooden, Colored


No Slide, Regular Slide, wooden Blocks Slide, Colored Blocks Slide


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