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Arabic Numbers Box with circles

Arabic number box- Montessori Method

Contains the following:

  1. Arabic numbers from 0-10.
  2. 50 wooden red circles .
  3. Small sturdy wooden box size 14*20 cm approx.

Made of natural ply wood

One side painting



Out of stock

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Arabic numbers box follows Montessori method of education. It helps little children to learn numbers shapes, count and odd/even numbers as well.

As it’s part of math curriculum in Montessori, it’ a very good start to understand number in easy fun way. It’s way to introduce counting concept and the identity of numbers makes it easier to understand add and subtract concepts later.

In addition to this concept, the concept of odd and even number is now easier than ever. You can show them visually the difference between odd and even as well as understanding the counting techniques.

The paint also is on one side, which doesn’t cause conflict in reading numbers when children read them by their own. This is a great concept in Montessori materials which is called “control of error”

The beautiful box included provide valued piece itself.

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